What happens after 180 days to e-books rented through vitalsource?

Vitalsource is a digital library that allows users to rent ebooks. After 180 days, the user has the option to renew the rental or remove the e-book from their account. If the user does not renew the rental or remove the e-book within 180 days, Vitalsource charges a $9.99 fee for each ebook rental.

What happens after 180 days to e-books rented through vitalsource?

When an e-book is rented through Vitalsource, we store the digital copy of that book in your account’s Cloud Library. The book does not disappear from your device — the Cloud copy remains available to you, even after the rental period is over.

You can read the book in all your devices that are registered with your Vitalsource account, including any of your mobile devices, iPad, iPod touch, or Kindle devices.

You can also access the digital version of the book in the Vitalsource app on your Android or iOS phone or tablet.

The next time you open the app, you’ll see the book you’ve already read listed among the books you’ve borrowed. You can check out more books by tapping the title. You can also mark a book as “returned.”

If you don’t return a book within the due date, it is automatically deleted from your account. If you have a copy on your device and want to keep it, you can use it again.

Now, after the initial rental period, you have the option to purchase the book for $25. If you decide to keep the book for 180 days, the $25 will be charged to your account at the end of that period. At that time, the book will be available to rent again for $9.95. If you choose to return the book before the 180 days are up, you will not be able to renew the book. The next time you try to rent a book, it will be marked as non-returnable.

In conclusion, after 180 days, rented ebooks are automatically removed from the user’s device and the user’s account. This means that if the user wants to continue reading the book, they will need to rent it again.

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