What happens to ethel in shameless

What happens to Ethel when she leaves her wholesome family and moves to New York City to become a successful actress? In “Shameless,” the series premiering on Showtime on September 9th, viewers will find out.

What happens to ethel in shameless

Ethel’s life changes dramatically after she lands her first professional acting gig. She drops out of college, sleeps with her agent and landlord, and becomes an overnight celebrity.

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Ethel, played by Kiele Sanchez, is an ambitious young girl who dreams of being on stage. She’s been working on her craft since she was very young, and it’s starting to pay off. Her biggest dream, though, is to be discovered, and then to play at the Pantages Theater.

As far as her life goes, it’s all going along smoothly, but then she starts to feel that something isn’t quite right. Things aren’t looking good for Ethel. She’s falling into some deep holes of sadness and depression, but she can’t seem to get herself out of it. At first, she’s thinking that it’s just another one of those teen moods that you have to grow out of. But as time goes by, she feels that it’s much deeper than that.

There’s a little more to come, so stay tuned!

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