In Herman Melville’s moby-dick, what happens to Parsee?

In Herman Melville’s 1851 novel Moby Dick, the Parsee community is a multifaceted and complex group of people. They are persecuted for their faith but also respected as shrewd merchants and sailors. In the novel, there is one Parsee character who stands out: Ahab. Ahab is obsessed with hunting down and killing a white sperm whale, which he believes is a manifestation of God. Ultimately, Ahab’s pursuit leads to his own destruction.

In Herman Melville's moby-dick, what happens to Parsee?

In Moby-Dick, by Herman Melville, Parsee dies. They grieve after discovering it is a result of an attack. They are therefore tied to the inner part of the whale while ropes tie him to his feet. Using a hook, Ahab is dragged to the bottom of the sea, fulfilling the third prophecy of Parsee.

So, it is evident that Parsee is killed by the crew of the Pequod. While there are several interpretations of his death, it is most likely that he was shot by Flask. This violent end is reflective of the harsh world of Moby Dick, in which characters are constantly in danger of being killed or maimed.

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