What happens if you put deodorant on your balls

No doubt, deodorant is a vital part of any man’s hygiene routine, but what about using it on the most sensitive parts of the body? In this article, we explore the effects of putting deodorant on the balls – and the consequences that can arise. We also provide tips on avoiding these issues so that you can keep your balls fresh and oddfree!

What happens if you put deodorant on your balls

Put deodorant on your balls to stop you from smelling.

The best deodorant for underarms is antiperspirant, which blocks sweat glands to prevent sweat. However, if you are concerned about how it feels on your balls, then choose a roll-on deodorant or stick deodorant. These types of deodorants are applied directly to the skin and don’t have an effect on sweat glands, so they won’t affect your balls.

A way to try deodorant differently

Take a damp washcloth and apply some deodorant to it. Use the washcloth to rub yourself from head to toe. The idea here is to cleanse all the nasty bacteria off your body. Apply the deodorant all over your body, including your private parts. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes.

Don’t worry about reapplying. Just make sure you keep washing your body, again and again, to keep everything clean.

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